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Currently I am the Design Lead at Mainstream Technologies in downtown Little Rock. Previously, I was the Creative Director at Platinum Strategies and NetSource Technologies.


My passions and expertise lie at the crossroads of design, development and marketing. I believe in user-centric design, agile development, scalable systems, and failing really fast (and often).

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My School Info

My School Info

My School Info allows the public to search and compare public schools and districts from across the State of Arkansas. This project was created for the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) . I worked as the sole designer and front-end developer.

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Lying with Data - Designing Honest Dashboards

Little Rock TechFest, October 2017

Lying with Data Cover Slide

Data can certainly lie when our own assumptions and biases are left unchecked. Learn how to design better data visualizations for your dashboards. Topics include choosing metrics to measure, defining your audiences, choosing the right charts, and questioning your sources.

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Human-Centered Design Thinking

ARDGS, November 2016

Human Centered Design Cover Slide

When done well, a human-centered approach fuels the creation of products that resonate more deeply with an audience — ultimately driving engagement and growth. This presentation examines how to use Human Centered Design with Agile Development to create better software solutions specifically for State Agencies.

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Unicorns & Dinosaurs

Little Rock TechFest, October 2016

Unicorns and Dinosaurs Cover Slide

Building a successful product takes a diverse team of experts with different mentalities and mindsets. Add a constantly changing field of technology for adaption and you have a recipe for disaster. This presentation reviews how those experts can use empathy to better collaborate together and work towards innovation.

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